døssing is a newly formed sibling trio consisting of Jon, Aske and Mathilde Døssing Bendixen, who musically roams within the genre of instrumental jazz characterized by a playful approach along with a unmistakable chemistry in their compositions and live expression.

After years of beeing of beeing occupied with other musical projects such as Abekejser, Aysay and Total Hip Replacement, the siblings are now back together as they were in their childhood living room and are now ready to make their entrance on the Danish and international jazz scene.

When being introduced to døssing as a listener and audience, it is quite obvious that the trio comes from a background in which music and creativity has been a deeply integrated part of life. 

It is no a coincedence that the sibling trio have this background. Being children og the folktronica pioneers Sorten Muld and growing up in a collective housing community, it can be said that døssing have had music, community and co-creation as the ground pillars of their upbringing.