Tanajah is a hip hop artist and rapper based in Raleigh, North Carolina, whose music is best characterized by her ability to convey reflectiveness, self-empowerment and altogether positive vibes through her lyrical and musical expression. Tanajah’s music appeals to being true to yourself, trusting the path you’re on and don’t stop beleving and working on reaching your goals. 

One day back in 2018, Tanajah went to and simply just blew the audience’s mind bu her performance. A music reporter from IndyWeek said the following in a review of her first live performances: ”Tanajah has built a reputation for having the kind of llive performances that are almost impossible to follow.”.

The Talented rapper and performer grew up in Germantown, Maryland and found music earl on in her upbringin with her mother being a singer. Tanajah started freestyling in middle school while also picking up percussion, which led to study the drums at North Carolina Central University. However, after finishing her studies, Tanajah realized that she had to chase her dream of beeing the artist and not the drummer of some band.