There is beauty in sunsets in Stockholm, when winter paints the sky with purple nostalgia, or summer delivers the vibrant fantasy of endless glow. As six travelers gather and look at the clouds, a wordless conversation is born. Cloudgazing is the act of looking up to look inside, to embrace life as an aqueous shapeshifter, to sit on the shore and share the journey with meaningful ones.

Cloudgazers are jazz-rock ambassadors of cloudgazing from Stockholm, Sweden. Up above, Roy glides over reverberated guitar riffs, while Hannes weaves nostalgia with piano and vocals. Sia sings the higher notes of possible worlds, and the saxophones of Christian and Luca ride forward. Emilio and Dario bring modern jazz and prog rock grooves into the mix, setting the pulse.

Coming together from six countries and as many music dialects, they invite you onto a dreamy shore to share a journey. Introspect, jump, freeflow, think, just be in the ever-changing colors of their cloudy music.

Best before sundown.

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